Go Network The King’s Kids GO Network is a partnership between YWAM/King’s Kids and local churches. Churches have the opportunity to use the King’s Kids model, principles and materials while retaining their localized ministry name, identity and leadership. The GO Network application process is a relationship-building time in which interested parties become acquainted with and committed to, the YWAM/King’s Kids Purpose, Principles and Values.

The desired result of the GO Network is that a growing number of children, teens and their families would be led into a proven knowledge of God and together might make Him known to all peoples. In this way, the King’s Kids GO Network serves as a bridge for missions-minded local churches, providing access to international missions resources:

Curriculum Materials:

  • Leadership training
  • Strategizing with other GO Network teams
  • Invitation to YWAM/King’s Kids local, national and international events and outreaches
  • Connection to global YWAM/King’s Kids

Training Workshops are offered to inform and train adults involved in Christian ministry among children, teens and families. Topics covered include:

  • Leading children and youth into a personal proven knowledge of God
  • Spiritual Capacity of Children
  • Linking the generations with families in ministry
  • Discipling the emerging generation
  • Team leadership
  • Reaching out (outreach)

King’s Kids conferences are held annually in every major region of the world. They provide training and strategizing opportunities. PCYM (Principles in Child and Youth Ministries) is a 3-5 month Youth With A Mission training course, focusing on essential foundations, principles and strategies of ministry to children, youth and families. Schools are held in several strategic locations around the world. A twelve month internship program is offered to PCYM graduates for further leadership training and a wider practical experience in the King’s Kids ministry.